Looking to add fun and excitement to your next event, party, or club/restaurant?

That is what the Crew creates - musical excitement, that gets our audience involved. 

Check out the live tracks below, you'll see what we mean.  

You guys hit it out of the park”

— Pirate Canoe Club

Bob Hauver               Steve Dee                         Pete Longi  Rick Ecker        Rich Q 

Lailani Martinez


3 Lead Singers, 6 Decades of Rock & Pop Hits!

The Crew's 3 lead singers to get you singing along and out on the dance floor with great performances of classic rock and pop hits from the 60's to the 21st century:
-Lailani Martinez sings hits by Tina Turner, Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt, Eurythmics, Adele...
-Pete Longi rocks the house with tunes by Robert Palmer, Clapton, Elvis, Creedence, BTO, Tom Petty...
-Bob Hauver delivers the California sound - Jackson Browne, Eagles, and uptempo roots tunes.
-Come relive Santana's epic Woodstock hit Soul Sacrifice, 
with Hudson Valley drumming legend Steve Dee.
-Keyboardist Rich Q rips through Santana organ solos to honky tonk piano solos. 
-Bassist Rick Ecker cements the grooves that make you move.

The Crew is a band of 6 veteran NY musicians with a collective 250 years experience,  having played a wide array of venues in the Hudson Valley, NYC, and the US: Theaters, Summer/Fall Park Concerts, Night Clubs, Street Fairs, Brew Pubs, Restaurants, and Private Events,  Our newest member is singer Lailani Martinez.

Its members have performed or recorded with Rock & Roll Hall of Fame legends Sly Stone, John Sebastian, and other well-known artists - Foghat, Rick Derringer, Orleans, Nektar, and Full Moon Bay. 

The Crew plays an upbeat repertoire of high energy high energy Dance, Rock, and Pop hits from the 60's through the 21st Century, that will get your patrons dancing and singing along.

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